Unfair, inconsistent and inequitable

8 May 2017

Opinion piece by Stephen Elder, Executive Director, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Originally published in The Herald Sun, 5 May 2017. Catholic schools aren’t there to make a buck. Instead, they stem from a sense of service to the community.

Australian Government funding announcement

8 May 2017

This week’s Quality Schools announcement by the federal government is a direct attack on Catholic schools. Not only did Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Education Minister, Simon Birmingham, fail to consult before releasing their new school funding blueprint. They

Gravity lost in funding debate when apples ain’t apples

24 Apr 2017

Young Isaac Newton was sitting in his garden when an apple fell on his head. Instead of cursing the instrument of some distress, he had a flash of inspiration which led to him developing his theory of gravity. The rest,

Returning for Term 2

24 Apr 2017

I hope that your Easter celebrations were full of joy. As Christians we celebrate our belief that, beyond all expectations, God raised Jesus from the dead. Love and life have triumphed over evil and death. While we are bombarded in

St Patrick's Day celebrations

27 Mar 2017

What a wonderful celebration of Catholic education we had for Catholic Education Week, with the Visual Arts Exhibition during the week and all the events on St Patrick’s Day, especially the Mass of St Patrick for

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