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    The education of each student in a Catholic school is a partnership between parents as the first educators of their child and the school to whom they entrust their child.

    Partnerships imageThis partnership is supported by collaboration with the parish priest(s) and in many cases religious institute(s) responsible for the school, and with the parish community, the Catholic Education Office Melbourne and the wider community.

    Our goal is to increase the active involvement of parents in their child’s learning since this is critical to each student’s wellbeing and learning. We aim, too, to develop Catholic schools as core community centres, building and strengthening links with parents and the local community to further support the development and wellbeing of students and their families.

    Further, we aim to promote and develop collaborative networks of learning to enrich learning opportunities with the sharing of expertise. These learning networks will be within and between schools, with governments, universities, community groups and agencies, business and other organisations and will provide rich opportunities for authentic learning for both students and staff and opportunities for research to ensure an evidence base for improved teaching and learning.

    The school relies on the community to ensure its fullest development (Principal).