It's a Con-Ski

23 Apr 2015

The shameful tactic by the AEU to drag Catholic education into an industrial agenda wrapped in the cloak of a Gonski campaign is nothing short of a Con ski.

Gough’s teachings live on

4 Dec 2014

Gough Whitlam stands alone in the scope of his reform agenda and while many dreams became disasters, in school education his legacy is large. Whitlam’s November 1972 policy speech promised that improving Australia’s education was of the highest priority. In

Parents caught in the safety net

4 Dec 2014

 The numbers are frightening. 81% of children witnessing online bullying, 70% deliberately hiding their online activities, one in 10 setting up fake social media accounts to fool their parents. Results of the latest cyber bullying survey make it very clear,

What Catholicism offers Australia's secular society

26 Feb 2014

Based on the 2011 Census figures and how the birth of Christ is now celebrated, Australia is becoming an increasingly secular society. The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics' Social Trends report notes that the percentage of respondents identifying as

Hope central to Catholic Education

6 Dec 2013

In such an affluent country as Australia, where the majority of young people are well fed, sheltered and have every chance of doing well at school and finding a rewarding career, you would expect most to be optimistic and hopeful

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