Technology will never replace teachers

27 Nov 2012

Science Fiction Films like I Robot and Blade Runner depict a future where robots and replicants carry out tasks humans either cannot or do not want to perform and where technology has dramatically altered society and how people relate to

Chaplains' guiding role

5 Nov 2012

Those opposed to the chaplains in schools program, funded by the Federal Government, and other secular critics applauded the High Court decision in June that the program is unconstitutional. The fact that the program, introduced in 1997 when John Howard

Educating the whole person

24 Oct 2012

Given Australia's results in the pool in London, it should not surprise that John Coates, the head of the Australian Olympic Committee, is calling for sport to be given greater priority in the school curriculum. Add it to the list.

School autonomy and subsidiarity

27 Jul 2012

Arguments for and against schools being autonomous, a situation where they are free from excessive government intervention and best able to reflect the needs and aspirations of their local communities, often focus on whether autonomy leads to higher standards. Advocates

Let's celebrate the Church's contribution

2 Apr 2012

To go by much of the daily media, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Catholic Church contributes little, if anything, positive to Australian society. Week after week and month after month the Church is attacked, supposedly for

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