Why Catholic school funding is vital

2 Nov 2011

Few subjects draw a dinner party divide like the issue of government funding for non government schools. Government school lobbyists begrudge the work of Catholic and other non government schools. Elitism, exclusion, residualisation and a secular state are all referenced

Why Children Need a Moral Compass (Kairos 15 October 2011)

26 Oct 2011

The riots in England in August and the argument that religion has no place in state schools, illustrated by the High Court challenge to the Australian Government’s school chaplaincy program, may at first appearance not have much

Unlikely agreement over Bible stories

19 Aug 2011

Unlikely agreement over Bible stories It is not often that Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott sing from the same hymn book but, when it comes to the Bible both argue that all Australians should be familiar

The spiritual and moral dimensions of education

19 Aug 2011

In an article in Kairos last year (Volume 21, No 14), I referred to a 2008 speech given by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the US in which the Pope argued that Catholic schools, while existing

Education not just about productivity

30 Nov 2010

In his recently appointed role as Minister for Education (a position he also held in the Hawke/Keating governments), Simon Crean justifies investment in education by arguing that it will lead to “huge gains in productivity”. Such a statement echoes a comment made by Julia Gillard some years ago when she was appointed Minister for Education, as well as Minister for Social Inclusion and Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations.

On explaining the function of her various portfolios and what she wanted to achieve, Ms Gillard said: “So, while my portfolios can be a mouthful, I’ll be happy to be referred to simply as the Minister for Productivity”.

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