Hidden Dangers in School Funding Review

30 Nov 2010

In a letter to parents, the four Directors of Catholic education in Victoria announced yesterday, 16 August, that Catholic education has achieved a consensus from both the Labor and Liberal parties for the recurrent funding arrangements for Catholic schools to continue until at least the end of 2013. 

Federal Government School Funding Review

30 Nov 2010

Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement that there will be a review of how schools are funded and her release of a draft discussion paper and terms of reference have thrown the spotlight on what is a controversial and sensitive political issue.

Add the fact that there will be state and federal elections later this year and it is clear that the issue of government funding to Catholic and independent schools will be centre stage in the policy debate.

Vigilance needed for cyberbullying

29 Nov 2010

How serious a problem is bullying, especially cyberbullying, in Australian schools? Studies and research suggest that, while not as widespread as many media reports make out, there is cause for concern and a need for schools and parents to be ever vigilant.

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