Catholic Education Week

16 Mar 2017

It is Catholic Education Week. It is a week like no other, a chance to celebrate and commemorate more than a 150 years of service to the Victorian community by Catholic schools. Over 3,000 students will descend on the city

The meaning of Lent

6 Mar 2017

We are well into Term 1, and last week, with Ash Wednesday, we began Lent. Easter chocolate bunnies, bilbies and eggs have been in the shops for weeks, as have hot cross buns. It’s a reminder of how disconnected these

CEM priorities for 2017

14 Feb 2017

With the school year now under way it is the perfect opportunity to look at how the staff at Catholic Education Melbourne are working together to deliver the best possible outcomes for students. Catholic education has a mission of inclusion,

Productivity Commission reporting Letter to the Editor The Age

3 Feb 2017

Dear Sir   The demand for a Catholic education remains strong despite The Age’s claim (3 February) Catholic school enrolments “steadily decreased” last year.   It might be time for The Age’s education writers to go back to school. It

Financial Review Letter to the Editor

8 Dec 2016

 Dear Sir   Tim Dodd’s article on the latest PISA results (7 December 2016, “Schools fail again, OECD finds”) claims that “Catholic schools were the worst performing school sector” in Australia after adjusting for socio economic differences. This is simply

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