Who’s misleading using taxpayer funds, Minister?

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says Catholic education has been misleading parents using taxpayer funds.

That’s wrong. We have been using parent funds to inform parents of the potential impact of Senator Birmingham’s policies on their children’s education – and their hip pocket.

The only person using taxpayer funds to release misleading figures has been Senator Birmingham.

He has used taxpayer funds to create the misleading School Funding Estimator websites, which officials from his own department admitted in Senate estimates applied the Gonski 2.0 funding model to come up with funding figures for 2017 instead of the measures that will actually apply, to present the illusion that funding for all Catholic schools will increase in 2018.

He has used taxpayer funds to circulate these misleading figures in letters to school communities and parent bodies.

He also has used taxpayer funds to circulate these misleading figures to the states and territories, his own colleagues and – worst of all – the Senate crossbench.

That’s why the government’s education funding legislation should be withdrawn and all school sectors invited to contribute to the redesign of a school funding model that will enjoy the support of Catholic, government and independent schools.

Further information: Christian Kerr, Media Adviser, 0402 977 352

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