Food Bank Cook Off

Siena College and St Bridget's School staff, students and parents preparing soups for the needyOn Wednesday 9 August, students and parents from St Bridget’s School, Greythorn, together with students and staff from Siena College, Camberwell, attended the very first ‘Food Bank Cook Off’ at Siena College.

Food Bank cooking night at Siena was really fun – a bit like a Master Chef mystery box challenge, very happy with the soups we made! Great facilities, we had everything we needed and it was really nice to work with the kids on something that will benefit others. Thank you to Siena for their support and thanks to St Bridget’s for such great organisation. (Parent) 

We were all very excited for the night, which was the Food Bank night at Siena. When we got to Siena, we went to the food tech room where we made our own soup with the help of the year 7 and 9’s. It was really fun and it taught us to cook. (Student) 

The purpose was to use some produce from our school gardens or donated vegetables to create soups, which will be stored and frozen at St Bridget’s Greythorn Parish. These soup meals will then be given to the St Bridget’s Parish and distributed to families in need.

Thank you St Bridget’s for your effort in coordinating with St Vinnie’s and Siena College in getting the food bank initiative started. What a rewarding experience. It was great working with the kids, teachers and other parents chopping vegetables and making soup for the food bank. Well done! (Parent) 

On the day of the Food Bank we all came to Siena College to cook food (soup). I enjoyed it, a few people came, and in my soup there was mushroom, onion, potato, celery, pumpkin, tomato, carrot and a few more items. We had a lot of help from the year sevens and nines, and a few other year levels from our own school -St Bridget’s Primary School. (Student) 

It was a terrific night for both schools and this initiative in particular, highlights once again to students, staff and families that the impact of their generosity has in living out their faith by reaching out to those in need.

It was amazing how many different types of soup could be made in an hour! It was an enjoyable evening doing something for those in need. (Parent) 

Michelle Verna, Principal, St Bridget’s School, Greythorn, and Gaynor Robson-Garth, Principal, Siena College, Camberwell, are enjoying linking initiatives from both schools. Both are looking forward both schools working together again in the near future.