Sacred Heart School, Yea

E No. E1106
Principal: Mrs Judy Degenhardt
Address: 5 The Parade, Yea 3717
Year Levels: P to 6
Phone Number: 5797 2723
Fax Number: 5797 2050
Diocese: Archdiocese of Melbourne
Region: Eastern
Parish: Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart School is a Catholic parish primary school, located centrally in the township of Yea. Catholic education has been offered at Sacred Heart for many generations, with the first school being run by the Sisters of St Joseph some 75 years ago. The present school site at The Parade, Yea, was opened in 1957. Sacred Heart is situated on 4.5 acres of scenic countryside and is within an hour of Lilydale, Greensborough, Mansfield and Craigieburn. It is a small rural school offering small class sizes within a caring, multi-age structure. The students come from diverse backgrounds and some travel considerable distances to attend school. The parish covers 2048 square kilometres and is administered by a parish priest, resident in Alexandra.


The school consists of one main building housing the administration area and two learning areas, as well as two relocatable classrooms, and a large multi-purpose room, which is used for library resources, music, drama, meetings and assemblies. There is ample provision within the school grounds for either active or passive recreation, including a junior and senior exercise/adventure area.

Our vision incorporates the whole school community – students, staff, families and other members of the parish community. Through our shared beliefs and practices we strive to build a strong sense of belonging for all members of the school community. Sacred Heart is a community as well as a school.


Sacred Heart offers a comprehensive curriculum, an integrated approach that is broad in scope and provides rich learning experiences. We continue to strive for best practice in teaching and learning, ensuring the provision of up-to-date facilities, programs and resources. Literacy, Mathematics and Religious Education are the key learning areas taught on a daily basis in the classroom.

Our central aim is to develop in each student the opportunity for a conscious relationship with God by fostering an awareness of self, others and the world, and a willingness to use and share their gifts and talents.

Sacred Heart School became part of the Children's Literacy Success Strategy (CLaSS) project in 2001 and supports the belief that improvements in literacy are achievable through a whole-school approach. Similarly we are part of the Success In Numeracy Education (SINE) Program, modelled on the same design as CLaSS. Computers operate in all classrooms and are used as a tool for research, word processing and activities across the school curriculum.